More than a paycard.

Remove the need for checks by giving your employees a Visa payroll card. 99% of companies stick with us after their no-cost, no-obligation pilot.

Simplify payments, for you and your employees.

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Payroll cards are funded just like direct deposit

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Eliminate the paper check payday headache

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Simple to implement, even simpler to manage

Happy team, happy life.

Your un- and underbanked employees spend $750 annually on fees just to access their own money.* The Plata Pay™ Visa® card puts that money back in their pockets and gives them access to the digital economy.

*Figure taken from Massachusetts “2010 Report on Check Casher and Basic Banking Fees

Save time and money when you implement our free program.

We will help you eliminate check printing costs and the time you spend managing payday, at no cost to your company, so you can focus on your business. But you are not the only one who will benefit you will also save your employees from standing in check-cashing lines and paying fees every payday.

*Calculation assumes a cost of $3.15 per paycheck. Figure is taken from NACHA as the aggregate cost of labor, postage, printing, stop-payment, and other fees associated with the payroll departments that print paper checks. Actual savings may vary.
**Figure taken from Massachusetts “2010 Report on Check Casher and Basic Banking Fees

Nationwide compliance.

Plata Pay™ will work hand-in-hand with your human resources and payroll teams to implement a rollout plan that exceeds the payroll card compliance requirements in your state(s), and will consistently keep you apprised of new laws, regulations and pertinent provisions.

Uncomplicate your payments.

Plata Pay™ was engineered around real feedback from employers grappling with payroll distribution and payment challenges. It combines the latest technology, security and portability to the old standard pay card products.

At a time when the world is suddenly managing through the changes forced by COVID-19, our platform will play a key role in supporting employers as they adapt to the need for touch-free, paperless payroll and payments. Processing payroll has never been this simple, safe and secure.

Jeff Cooper, Chief Executive Officer | Plata Pay™

Company onboarding toolkit.

Our kit includes uniquely-crafted messaging, collateral materials and promotional campaigns for its partners, incorporating each partner’s logo, color palette and company-specific information to increase employee conversion metrics.